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A day late with this week’s hypnosis for running log. I had a rest day on a Monday yesterday. The first one in several months; my schedule suggested it, and I felt like I needed it, so I did no running yesterday, not even a recovery run. As ridiculous as it sounds, I found it hard to write about running on a non-running day, so waited for today once I had been back in action again this morning. Yesterday was ‘feet-up day’…..

Last week’s mileage log looked this:

Mon 3m Recovery slow (supposed to be rest day, but felt like I needed to run off the previous day’s 20 miler)
Tue 6M of 1M jog and strides, then 15 x 200, with 200m (1-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Wed 9M (70 mins) slow (7m50s/mile)
Thu 1M jog, then 3M (20 mins – 6m40s/mile) brisk, then 1M jog
Fri Rest
Sat 4M (33 mins) easy (8m15s/mile)
Sun 18M (2hrs 30) slow (8m20s/mile)

I ran the 18 miler much quicker than I was supposed to again, as you can see if you take a look at the above link of my 18 mile run. This is because I am struggling with some of the faster Tuesday pace over shorter distances, but seem to be able to maintain a faster endurance pace, and that is keeping me motivated and feeling like I am improving.

A couple of interesting things I noted this week:

1. I am getting far less tolerant with people who cannot control their dogs. When I run along the sea front, at least once a week someone’s dog jumps up at me. I am used to dogs and was raised with dogs in my family home, I love dogs. I just don’t want them jumping on me when I am running. Every few weeks though, I get one who growls and looks like he/she is going to bite and the owner looks at you like you are doing something wrong by being on the same promenade as them and their dog. With miles under my belt and cortisol in my system, it takes some restraint not to be rude.

Once every couple of weeks also, I have to point out to a dog owner that their dog did a poo and they did not see it. Most dog owners are wonderful and lovely, but letting your dog crap on the pathways along the beach is the worst kind of crime in my book. So yes, I’ve become that guy who now tells dog-owners to clear up dog poo.

2. I ran this week’s 18 miler on a completely empty stomach and without drinking any water throughout. It was pretty easy to do. If I am fuelled correctly according my dietary regime the day before, when I run very early in the mornings, I don’t really need it. I have been thinking about race day fuelling and I don’t think I’ll be doing much different for the Spring marathons. I may just have a fatty drink of some kind prior to the race in the morning. My favourite recipe to date contains full fat milk, coconut milk, super nut butter (thank you Protein Works), raw cacao powder and a very small amount of honey to taste. It is fatty and adheres to my LCHF lifestyle.

Not masses else to report for the past week, it was a 45 mile week, and this week moves up to a 50 mile week, so we are arriving at the business end of my training for London marathon. March is the highest mileage for an April marathon. I am still weighing up what I will do for the 4 weeks in between London and Edinburgh, and what can be done to make sure I run a faster time at Edinburgh than I do at London… Is it possible to make great gains in the space of 4 weeks? I’ll need 1-2 week’s taper and 1 week recovery after London, so the second week will be key and I am considering strategy currently.

From there, I will launch into ultra marathon distance training readying myself for the step up to ultra marathons which I am really looking forward to.

This morning I did a big hills intervals session. It gave me the opportunity to revisit some mental imagery techniques that I have not used a great deal so far this year. So I’ll leave today short and sweet and I will be back towards the latter end of this week with a great process for using your mind, and some self-hypnosis, to tackle hills…..