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We all know and have had the advice at some stage in our running career that it is good to have a training buddy or to run in a group, club or with others – this helps motivate you, holds you accountable, adds enjoyment and a whole world of other benefits….

I’m not running with a club currently, so I have enlisted a running buddy who joins me on a number of my runs at the moment. I give you, my new running buddy, Wilma the Cockapoo….

She is awesome. Now that she is old enough and her bones are strong enough, she can cope with the running. We tend to run near the beach so that we can have some time where she is off the lead and can run on a softer surface than the harder pathways. She loves running on sand much more than I do (cor blimey it’s hard work running on sand!).

Now that she has gotten into the swing of it, she also tends to lead as you would expect from a husky or other pack dog or hunting dog (quite different from cockapoos!) with a canicross on. She is quite small, so I have set a limit to her top distance, but she is loving it and is keeping me company wonderfully well.

She does every now and then stop to sniff other dogs and say hello, which is actually a blessing in disguise for me currently as her natural pace is a bit faster than my planned race pace and left up to her, I’d be running my training runs far too fast! Here she is, letting me have a pause to catch my breath while she admires the view of the sun coming up across Poole Harbour, highlighting Brownsea Island across the water…..

My current training is going ok, though much better thanks to my new running buddy, that’s for sure.

….. And I have to say that the entire time Wilma and I run together, I just keep singing “Maybe Tomorrow” the theme tune from the Littlest Hobo as she runs in similar fashion to the dog in that show despite being a completely different breed, and it is that song I’ll leave you with today….. I must confess it makes me want to run with my tongue hanging out when I have that song in my head too!


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