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Hypnosis For Running

Pictures of My New Running Buddy….

We all know and have had the advice at some stage in our running career that it is good to have a training buddy or to run in a group, club or with others - this helps motivate you, holds you accountable, adds enjoyment and a whole world of other benefits.... I'm not...

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It’s All About Time On Legs… Can I Stand It?

One of the things that all the training schedules I examined when planning my 100km training plan seemed to suggest that I needed to get time on feet. Of course. It is always something that I've been very aware of before. If you are going to run for 12 or 14 hours...

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Hypnosis for Running, The Next Generation

Just a quick visit and check-in here at the Hypnosis for Running blog. I just wanted to share my excitement that my 5 year old son completed his first junior park run here on the south coast of England this weekend. He has watched me at many races and events before,...

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