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run_enduranceWhen I was putting this audio track together, I had just got back in the country following my holiday and was just getting back into my running and my training for my next marathon, with a couple of shorter races along the way in the build up too.

Since getting back, I had been researching and working a great deal on collating evidence for future projects regarding the use of hypnosis and running (my book on the subject, for example) and I had been incredibly encouraged.

To be really, really honest, the results of using hypnosis to enhance muscular performance are not that impressive and do not actually show any real gains in reviews by a number of key authors including Hull (1933) and Barber (1966) and the very influential (to the field of hypnosis and sports performance) Morgan (1972, 1980, 1993) – most of whom showed that when it comes to muscular performance, suggestions given in hypnosis were just as effective as suggestions given to a non-hypnotised, but motivated individual when it came to muscular performance.

However, the really great news for us runners is that numerous studies show that the gains made in terms of endurance and aerobic power are significant when it comes to the use of hypnosis… And with this audio track, I have an evidence based strategy to boost your running performance.

Most of the research concerning muscular performance and aerobic performance though, also does suggest that hypnosis does also help to motivate individuals much more and finds them exerting more effort as a result. This really does assure me as a lot of my own books and audio programmes are focused on those areas.

Ok, one of the pieces of research that I have been reading this week is by Morgan et al. (1987) Facilitation of physical performance by means of a cognitive strategy in Cognitive Therapy and Research which shows a 32% marked improvement in endurance performance as a result of the strategy employed, compared to the control group. I don’t think the nitty gritty details of the study are going to make for compelling reading, especially not for this page, but for anyone wanting to discuss the methodology and the way in which the study beautifully isolated the maximal aerobic power to be measured, then get in touch with me and we can discuss it.

With this audio track you get a hypnosis process that all runners can engage in that is founded upon the evidence based cognitive strategy used in the study, but I have added various facets of other evidence based processes to make it more useable in my opinion.

A number of studies that I have encountered show that athletes often use association techniques for enhanced performance, but that real elite athletes tend to utilise dissociation strategies as well to enhance their performance with their mind. Long distance runners from Tibet have run 300 miles nonstop in 30 hours using this type of dissociation technique, and many accomplished marathon runners are known to successfully employ similar techniques.

With this process, you are going to mentally rehears the process within the hypnosis session and then ideally go out and adopt the cognitive strategy when you are running and then with practice and practice, your endurance is enhanced as a result… Though you have to train too of course!

The idea behind dissociating in the way laid out within this audio track, is that you will not perceive the same amount of fatigue, pain, or discomfort while running. You are dissociated.