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The past week was a slightly lower total mileage week than in previous weeks. I ran a total of 66 miles, this is how the week panned out – Week Seven of this particular schedule:

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Mon: Rest/Cross Train

Tue: Recovery – AM – 6 miles & PM – 4 miles, both runs based upon heart rate only.

Wed: 14 miles general pace.

Thu: 5 miles recovery

Fri: 11 miles, comprising of 3m warm-up/6m @ sub MRP/ 2m cool-down

Sat: 6 mile recovery

Sun: 20 mile Sunday Long Run.

Friday’s lactate threshold run was the toughest run of the week last week. It was also interesting to have a day when I now do two runs. I have read about so many of my running heroes doing two sessions in a day “doubles” that I felt great getting into it, even if it did mean I have to reschedule the way I have my Tuesdays planned out now.

All my runs can be viewed over at Strava if you wish to see them.

The wind has been strong this week, and so I’ve been using some techniques for dealing with that, you can read about those here if you missed them first time around:

My cross training this past week involved a couple of days whereby I got out on the sea on my SUP – stand up paddle boards – I love being out in the sea looking back at the coastline, it is just awesome. As well as the sound of the odd wave lapping against the board when the wind picks up, and the beautiful scenery on those rare occasions that the sun actually shone, the SUP offers a very running specific workout too. (Here I am coming in on one of the days…)

In order to maintain balance, you need to really engage the glutes and the core, and to paddle into a head wind and make any kind of progress, you really need to engage those muscles and a fair few more besides. I really felt it the next day. I hope I get to go out plenty more this Summer, so am waiting fro some sunny skies and a still sea surface.

I’ll be back with more soon. Only a couple of weeks until my first Ultra marathon and a group training session I am running on the beach next weekend; will report back to you on that next week.