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It has been a little while since I posted one of these (and if you need reminding why I post these, read the first Hypnosis for Running – Inspirational Imagery here) but it is high time I wrote about the man that many consider to be the most accomplished runner in history.

The one, the only, Haile Gebrselassie.

I am utterly inspired by watching him run, he is so relaxed, fast and graceful and seems to have such a pleasing manner about him (I have no other evidence for this beyond what I have read and seen of him on television).

Firstly, here is footage of him winning the Berlin marathon while also running the fastest marathon in history at the time (this record has since been beaten by Patrick Makau):

Secondly, here he is running the 5000km in super fast time, but the sprint finish is breath-taking and I find it highly inspiring (and you have to love watching Mr Mottram leading him around the bend!):

Finally, for a bit of fun, here is the end of a junior race where Haile gets punched across the line by an arch-rival. It beggars belief!

I enjoyed watching those again and find all clips of Haile to be very inspiring and motivating indeed. I don’t think I’ll leave it so long for the next one!