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Well, we have not been short of inspirational imagery recently, what with the Olympics and the Paralympics, there has been an enormous amount of highly inspiration material to get us inspired, enthused and taking action in recent weeks and months.

For those wanting to swot up on the use of and reasoning for these “Hypnosis For Running – Inspirational Imagery” blog entries here, then please visit the first one I posted here to get an idea of the ethos behind it.

My absolute hero of the Olympics and incredibly petinent for this blog is of course the one and only Mo Farah. He is such an awesome runner, he has courage, speed, style and is an inspirational figure for all us runners. SO here is that imagery, a shorter video about hsi 5000m Gold medal, but then the full version of his amazing 10,000m race – that Saturday night will go down as one of my most memorable as far as running inspiration goes. Using the crowd with our own mental imagery is surely good enough reason to watch this footage again and again….


… And here’s the full footage of that amazing 10k final: