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It has been a wee while since I added some of the inspirational imagery for runners (for those wanting to recall the ethos for doing so, read the first hypnosis for running – inspirational imagery entry here) but todays entry makes up for lost time in my opinion.

Todays inspirational imagery comes from Steve Prefonataine, a US running legend. Recently, I finished reading the brilliant book entitled: “Pre : The Story of America’s Greatest Running Legend.”

Here is what it says on the back cover:

For five years, no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile. But at the age of 24, with his best years still ahead, long distance runner Steve Prefontaine crashed his sports car, putting a tragic, shocking end to the life and career of one of the most influential, accomplished runners of our time.

More than 20 years later, Pre continues to influence the running world.

From his humble origins in Coos Bay, Oregon, Pre became the first person to win four NCAA titles in one event. Year after year, he was virtually unbeatable. Instead of becoming one of the new breed of professional track athletes, Pre chose to stay amateur and fight for adequate funding he felt American amateur athletes deserved.

A man of incredible desire and energy, Pre trained relentlessly. In his drive to be the best, he spurred others to do their best. As one racer said, “He ran every race as if it were his last.”

But Pre not only touched runners; his exciting racing technique as well as his maverick lifestyle made him a favorite of the fans. A race with Prefonatain in it was automatically an event.

His brief but brilliant life is the tale of a true American hero.”

Many used to wear the T-Shirts which read “Go Pre” on the front and “Stop Pre” on the back which is said to have influenced parts of the Forrest Gump film. A film was made about Steve Prefontaine and showcases his 4th place in the 1972 Olympics which is shown in the clip I am sharing here, it was a legendary race. I get sad every time I see the real clip and see Pre slide to 4th in the back straight after dictating so much of the race.

It is so tough to find a really good quality clip of Pre running, plus you want to include so many! I really rather liked this one though, because it contains some marvellous quotes that really got me driven. he is inspiring on many levels; unconventional, full of grit, my kind of hero. Do investigate and explore the archives for material on Pre, he sure gets me fired up to run!


I’ll be back soon with techniques and updates on our Jedi runners and their preparations…