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going_that_extra_mileJust before putting this audio track together, I had been watching the Chawner family on Sky Bio once again. They have been dubbed (by the tabloid media mainly) Britains laziest family and Britains fattest family. Apart from being driven mad by the parents and the way they communicate, I watched the recent episode with interest due to the way they all responded to walking for a moderately prolonged period of time as part of their exercise regime.

They went on a fitness walk around some beautiful scenery and hills, but after a while convinced themselves and each other that they were all far too tired to carry on. Note I say ‘convinced themselves.’ They absolutely could have carried on for hours and hours if they had to.

The youngest of them, Emma Chawner, was given the chance to work at a gym and throughout her personal training from the instructor, kept insisting that she could not go on and could not possibly keep on – she insisted on it and despite the protestations and the energy displayed by the instructor, her own belief that she was too tired prevailed.


They are not alone with this type of behaviour. I have found that during marathons or other races, I have felt tired at mile 10, doubtedmyself and got weaker, but when I started to dispute that and drive myself on, or got some encouragement from the crowd, or thought about my wife etc. I have overcome that wave of seeming fatigue and run for another 16 miles with more gusto than the first 10.

We are all far more capable of going on for longer when it comes to exercise and physical activity. I was so certain of this, that I adapted an idea using hypnosis that I use for all my long runs but can be applied to any physical activity, exercise session or sporting endeavour.

You just need to be able to imagine an old school graphic equaliser that used to be on stereos. The youth of today may not know what I mean, but it was a panel on the stereo front that showed you how the sound was divided and what the sound levels were like while music played.

You could turn them up and down to affect the sound and you could get a visual interpretation of how loud certain parts of the music were.

So, my initial point today is that sometimes people think they are using all their effort and have used all their energy and simply cannot go on…

Yet you always see good athletes pushing themselves to do more and alter their own perception of what they are capable of. Those ripped guys in the gym always squeeze out another rep on the weights and other athletes put in that little bit extra throughout their schedule – it makes a great deal of difference.

We all recognise a certain level within ourselves that we reach, but we are often able to go much further than that. This hypnosis audio track is designed to help you go further and literally go that extra mile, get your mind focused and believing that you can do more or go faster or stay at for a while longer.

You are going to love this and the benefits you derive from it, enjoy!