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love_exerciseI put this hypnosis audio track together when I had just got back home from a New Year trip in Africa and had just started my training for five marathons that I was running in successive weeks later that year.

I needed a big boost to get driven and to truly fall in love with running again. Many people tend to go through periods of time where they love exercise and then times when they struggle to do it and dislike the very thought of it. That is what this audio track is designed to help overcome.

Within this hypnosis audio track, I thought I’d share with you a lovely and rather novel process. It is based upon an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technique that I have seen used and published by a variety of authors in that field.

There are times when we all tend to fall in and out of love with physical activity and exercise. I go through highs and lows and my motivation wains from time to time and getting motoring is a lot easier when I am in love with my training and the activity I am engaged in.

I tend to fall in love with running just before and after big events, when I have bought running gear, when the latest edition of Runners World falls through the letterbox and when I talk to my brother about our schedules each week. However, there are various other means to have a love for running that don’t require the external stimulus that I mentioned in this paragraph. I wanted to share one such process with you in this audio track – all aimed at having you fall in love with exercise.

This track is going to ensure you fall in love with exercising for sure; you’ll be looking forward to it, motivated to do it and really enjoying the benefits of it in your life as a result. Have fun!